1st of October: check out the trad jazz gigs on offer this month

Steamboats on the Mississippi River, 1853 (from Wikipedia)

IN 1811 on this day the first steamboat to sail the Mississippi River arrived in New Orléans, Louisiana, and in 1880 John Philip Sousa became leader of the United States Marine Band.

A good bit closer to home both in time and location, this month there’s quite a bit going on in and around Melbourne for devotees of trad jazz. Click here “Coming Gigs” to discover some of these events.

A newish gig is at the Elephant and Castle pub, McKillop Street, Geelong on a Sunday afternoon. This is shared by the legendary Des Camm Jazz Band and local (to Geelong) gypsy swing band, Hot Club Swing. Geelong resident and former (?) drummer Ian Coots has videoed a number of Hot Club Swing performances. Here from YouTube, and courtesy of Ian, The Hot Club Swing plays “Moonglow” in September 2012.

Don’t forget to look also in the “Regular Gigs” section for weekly residencies for bands like Stevenson’s Rockets, Tommy Carter’s Family Band, The Riverwalk Trio, and Johnnsy’s Bakery Boys to name a few.

Jo Stevenson and Ian Smith with Stevenson's Rockets at the Emerald Hotel(photo by Laki Sideris)

Here’s Smithy again at his regular Sunday afternoon gig at the Amora Riverwalk Hotel. It isn’t always as raucous as this, but it was a special occasion. The Trio was also augmented by a couple of well-known sit ins.

That’s Ian Smith on valve trombone, Alex Hutchinson – clarinet, Richard Mander – bass, Bob Whetstone – cornet, and Brian Davies on guitar. Singing with Graeme is the Irishman, Tony Feehan.

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