68th Australian Jazz Convention update: steaming along!

THE 68th Australian Jazz Convention Committee is going full steam ahead, with a fine new website which gives you the latest information on the Goulburn party, provides for registering online, includes details of the Original Tunes Competition (an important feature of the AJC), and will publish the Committee’s regular Newsletters as they appear.

The program for the Convention will include:

Welcome Night                                               Picnic in Victoria Park
Street Parade                                                   Public Concert in Belmore Park
Programmed Venues                                     New Year’s Eve Party
Original Tunes Competition                         Music Industry Trade Fair

Chris Gildersleeve, the webmaster, will keep the site up to date as news breaks.

Click on the marchers below to visit the website.

For further information visit http://www.2013jazzconvention.org.au or
Email: info@australianjazzconvention.org.au

One response to “68th Australian Jazz Convention update: steaming along!

  1. Margaret Anderson

    This photo shows the Street Parade at the 44th Australian Jazz Convention 1989 in Perth. Musicians are – John Roberts clarinet; Ross Nicholson sax; Nick Polites clarinet. Behind John Roberts is Don Brow on clarinet. Photo from the Australian Jazz Convention Archive.
    Margaret Anderson

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