69th Australian Jazz Convention comes to Swan Hill!

THE 68th Australian Jazz Convention in Goulburn, NSW is barely over, and planning for the 69th is already underway!!

The fair City of Swan Hill on the Murray River is about to take its maiden voyage into AJC music and madness, and it looks like a perfect location. Small enough to keep the intimate nature of the Convention, wonderful surroundings with the river and all its delights, history in the Pioneer Village, great produce, outdoor activities galore, and even the Giant Murray Cod!

More details as they come to hand -let the dust settle from the 68th first! But the news is all good after last year’s hiccup (hiccough?) when Goulburn came to the rescue of our grand old institution.

By the way, I’ve heard from a number of Conventioneers that they have already booked their accommodation in Swan Hill, so if you’re planning to go, you can’t begin too soon.


4 responses to “69th Australian Jazz Convention comes to Swan Hill!

  1. Jude and I booked our accommodation early for Swan Hill.
    Good to see Bob Henderson will be there.
    We are booked for Barham Festival in June, might see some of you there.
    Swan Hill will be a lively affair.
    From one old fart to another good on’yer Coralie. see you in Swan Hill.

  2. Good on you Bob. I for one will look forward to seeing you there. Maybe we could even have a toot together.

  3. My first Convention was the 17th in Sydney, followed by many others,
    but over the years professional playing commitments had to come first.
    Will be inMelbourne for a family Christmas and hope to include Swan Hill
    in my plans.

  4. Finally a Convention that this old fart can drive her car to.
    I live in a river town and can think of nothing better than seeing the AJC being held on the Mighty Murray.
    Roll on December!!!

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