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Jane at the Australian Jazz Convention, 2009

My name is Jane La Scala. I’m a retired librarian and jazz fan (fanatic, freak, whatever), living in Melbourne, Australia.

Jazz Ramble is about Australian traditional jazz – those who made it or are currently making it, their music, the “second liners” or serious followers and supporters of jazz in this country, the venues where you can hear live jazz played, where you can buy recordings, and jazz clubs for getting together to enjoy jazz in the company of people who share your obsession. Along the way there will be rambles into the roots and other flowerings of jazz, both where it all began in America, and how it has developed in Australia.

The header for this blog is a photo taken at the 64th Australian Jazz Convention which was held at La Trobe University, Melbourne over the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2009.  The musicians are Ollie Clark on sousaphone, Graham Eames on trumpet, and John Coultas on trombone.

The emphasis will be on traditional or classic jazz because that’s my preference, and the “moderns” are already well covered.

As the great “Lazy” Ade Monsbourgh said in an interview with Diana Allen, which was published in the Victorian Jazz Club’s Jazzline, vol 39, no.2, Winter 2006:

Modern jazz should be called Contemporary Music so as not to confuse the public!


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  1. Volunteers who run the not-for-profit Castlemaine Jazz Festival on Queen’s Birthday Weekend (5-7 June 2015) would appreciate a listing on your website.
    Following last year’s successful inaugural event, which featured 58 bands playing all styles of jazz in seven venues, the call has gone out for bands and individual performers to register via the CJF website:
    Visitors can buy tickets online, and check out the ‘How to get there, where to stay’ link.

  2. Dates for Marysville Jazz &Blues Weekend 2015: Friday 16 October until Sunday 18 October.
    Checkout the website:

  3. Hello folks, the inaugural Castlemaine Jazz Festival takes place on 7-8 June 2014. More than 50 bands in seven great venues! Tickets and program available at or at the festival office just behind the historic Market Building in Mostyn St. Enquiries 0422 377 565.

  4. Hi Jane
    i’m a librarian too, and jazz fan.
    Great blog, don’t stop.
    sending through info on my vintage jazz vinyl for sale, in case it may interest any in your network.
    much obliged!

  5. Dear Jane
    As you may be aware the New Orleans Connection comprising of Graeme Steel – Trumpet, Mike Edwards – Reeds, Kim Harris -Piano, Hermann Schwaiger – Bass, Alan Smith- Drums and myself on Trombone; will be appearing with special guest vocalist Anita Harris at the Peninsula Jazz Club on Friday 19 July 2013. Booking s should be made via the PJC.

    Paul Ingle

  6. Hi Jane
    Thanks for mentioning GLOBE a few times
    We are in the Stonnington Jazz program and could use another push
    many thanks

  7. Just the let you know that Yvette Johansson, Mike McQuaid, Sam Lemann & myself will be at the flying saucer (caufield rsl) tomorrow afternoon. (Mothers day)
    Show starts at 3:30 lunch starts at 12:00 for those who would like to make the most of the afternoon.
    James Clark

  8. Hi Jane, this site is fantastic! Have signed up a couple of weeks ago and enjoy the updates. Letting you know of upcoming “Jazz in July” 2013, at resurrected Deco Rex Theatre in Charlton, country Victoria If you would like more information, email correspondence would be great. Weekend of 20th 21st July 2013 will be Truly Madly Deeply (Paris Payne jazz trio), Late Night Radio 1930’s cabaret show (Paris and Mark Payne leads with band) and Hot B Hines jazz band, among other fabulous festive entertainment. Keep an eye on the website for details, or will send PR, best regards, Monika

  9. Congratulations Jane on producing this wonderfull site, may it continue forever.
    My name is Graeme Kniese past President of the Peninsula Jazz Club and life member (something I am very proud of) I joined the club in the 2nd month of its existence 30 odd years ago, my favourite job was booking the bands for all of our gigs, club nights, balls and jazzfests etc. for 10 years straight and loved every minute of it.
    Currently I am still involved with Jazz as a presenter on RPP 98.7fm, based in Mornington and can be heard all over the Peninsula, Melbourne also parts of Gippsland and Western Victoria, I have been with the station since before it was granted a licence around 28 years ago, I came to the station as part of the PJC program and now do a program on Saturdays called “Jazztime” 12-2.30pm, I share the program with Barry Wightman who does the 1st & 3rd sat’s of the month and I do the 2nd & 4th
    we like to play the music from Storyville to Swing St. our website for streaming is
    I am currently the President of the station for the last 6 years (always good to have a traditional jazz lover in a position of influence). we do 13 hours of Jazz programs each week of most genre’s on our station and people can check our website for those,
    I am heading for New Orleans and the French Quarter Festival in April and taking a recorder with me for interviews to play on air, can’t wait!!.
    Thanks once again for all your great work

  10. Gday. Would you please note the current Geelong Jazz Club’s web page is:
    The old site: mc2.vicnet………is no longer available as the govt has closed it down.
    Would you be able to update the Club’s web address on your Jazzramble please.
    Regards Des Harris

  11. Hi Jane
    I came across your blog when searching for news about the convention ‘rescue’. Well done!
    Lyn Bereczky (Perth)

  12. Hi Jane, your blog was passed to me by a friend and I think it is the best ever. I will promote it on my
    More power to you dear lady.

  13. Hi Jane,

    Just to let you know that the 2013 Murray Bridge Jazz Festival will be on 18, 19 and 20th of October. Will let know all the details when we have them finalised. Thanks Lenny Eames

  14. Dear Jane
    Just a quick note to let you know that my new band the New Orleans Connection played its first gig to a large and appreciative audience at the Phillip Island Jazz Club on Sunday 20 January 2013. With a line up of Graeme Steel – Trumpet, Mike Edwards – Reeds, Kim Harris -Piano, Hermann Schwaiger – Bass, Alan Smith- Drums and myself on Trombone; it was a great success. The best thing is that the band elected to do it all again soon. Best wishes and thanks for this wonderful website.
    Paul Ingle

  15. Congratulations Jane on the great service you are providing to the jazz fraternity. Keep up the good work. Eric Newton, the clarinet player from Stoke-on-Trent, England, will be back in Melbourne on the 29th December, escaping the UK winter. He will be catching up with old friends at the Amora. Richmond, for lunch on the 6th, 13th and 27th January. Hope to see you and Graham there. Happy Christmas Gretel

  16. Hi Jane, what a great site you have I am hoping to get the word out on my new Peggy Lee Tribute “YOU GIVE ME FEVER” featuring a great lineup with Mr goodvibe himself Andy Swann at the drums, James Clark- bass, Luke Howard – piano, Craig Fermanis – guitar and 3 piece horns.
    Show starts at 8.30pm at The Flying Saucer Club ( Caulfield RSL ) 4 St Georges Rd Caulfield SATURDAY NOVEMBER 17 ….Tickets are available Please Book early doors open at 7pm food is available.

  17. Ken & Chris Farmer

    Please send Jazz Ramble. Your contact at top says this is an invalid email address – hope you can send it.

    • If anyone knows Ken Farmer would you please give him my email address.
      I met him at a couple of conventions. Thanks.
      Happy valentines day to all.
      Keep on jazzing

  18. Great Site Jane. Ron Jobe rang and told me to check your site out. Always the best to have Jazz lovers keeping Jazz alive. Keep up the good work.
    Ruby Page

  19. I started with attending the 2nd Convention 1947 so my history goes way back.
    It has taken the demise of the great Maurie Fabricant for some one to bring to my attention yourwonderful website. May I say thank you.
    I am now at the age of only attending day light gigs so thnk you ever so much.

  20. Hi, Folks! If you wish to see one of our multi-talented Frilly Knickers gals in action, go to:
    Jacqui O’Neill, Frilly Knickers drummer, is one of the “Tivoli Lovelies” featured in the tap-dancing sequences in the play “Sundowner”, starring Helen Morse. (There is a review in the Age today, Thursday 10th May.)
    This play had its opening night at the Arts Centre Melbourne on Tuesday night, and it continues till Sunday the 13th May. Well may you sing:
    “Rhythm is her business, and business sure is swell …”

  21. Terrific site. Congrats.

    • Thanks David. You were terrific at the Rosstown yesterday, but all I got was the top of your head, and the sound of course. Cheers Jane


  23. Hi Jane … Great site! Looks like you really have your ear to the ground as far as what’s going on around Vic in the Trad scene. I’m a clarinetist/saxophonist up in Sunbury and am looking to get a band and scene happening in the Northern Suburbs/Macedon Ranges. If you know any folks up here I should get in touch with I’d definitely love to get your input. Particularly looking for Tuba and Bass players as I have some of the other slots looking good at the moment. Will definitely let you know when we have things rolling up this way in 2012! Thanks! — Shaun Evans

  24. Jane: for your gig page: the Frilly Knickers Jazz Band is playing for the Phillip Island Jazz Club on December 11th – 2pm till 5pm, at the All Seasons Eco Resort Phillip Island, 2128 Phillip Island Tourist Rd., Cowes.
    All welcome!
    If you would like article and pic of band for your blog, pls let me know.
    Jaz Stutley

  25. Laraine and Brian Blackson

    Hey there Jane … Finally caught up with your Jazz Ramble site and have to say girlfriend – what a great job you have done. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

    Hope you are both keeping well and obviously very busy with the very hard work I can see you have been putting into this latest very successf achievement.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work –

    Laraine and Brian

  26. Thanks Jane for taking up the cudgels! “Real” jazz news is sometimes a bit hard to come by these days and you are to be congratulated for taking this on.
    Are you interested in being advised of jazz venues in places other than Melbourne? If so, it may interest you to know that there is jazz in Geelong every Sunday evening at the RSL Club in Belmont, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.
    If you are interested I would be happy to let you know which bands are programmed over the next few weeks. (No paper bags or freebies involved – just good to see people enjoying the bands). Its the old story of course, if it’s not supported, it won’t last.
    Keep up the good work.

  27. Yes Jane, I endorse the comments of my good friend and ex Melbournian Bill Haesler. As you know only too well, I’ve been on about a blog of this kind for a long time, but have been unable to convince people who I thought would have done what you have done. Your blog is filling a much needed vacuum in Australian jazz and deserves support throughout this country. Congratulations Alex Hutchinson.

  28. Dear Jane,
    Your site url was passed on to me today (25.10.11) by Sydney banjoist, Geoff Holden. I think it is absolutely wonderful . While others on the Oz jazz scene have been talking about something like this for years, you have quietly and expertly achieved a most professional and informative result. Congratulations.
    I wish you every success in this endeavour and hope that you can make it Australia-wide, with input from our dedicated jazz family.
    You can count me in, as required.
    Very kind regards,

  29. Dear Jane
    What a wonderful idea, that is for you to create a jazz web site particularly
    one on the subject of traditional jazz. I particularly like Lazy Ades’comment regarding the description of what has come to be called modern jazz, we should all refer to such music (if such it is) as Contemporary Music at all times.
    Many thanks for your excellent work as editor.
    Jack Cooke

  30. Well done Jane, your blog is better than those expensive jazz magazines.

    John and Brenda xx

  31. Good luck with the blog Jane, we certainly need to do something to get Jazz off the life support machine and back where it belongs. I was playing in Canada and the US recently and they have the same problem with ‘our type of music’ there as well. I have videos of the Dave Dallwitz Big Band from the late 1980’s with many Australian jazz stars, some like Dave and John McCarthy etc are now gone. I was the lead trumpet. Let me know if interested. Regards Greg Englert

  32. Emil-Pierre STECK

    Dear Jane,
    congratulations to your interesting “Jazz Ramble Australian jazz, and other ramblings ” website, well done and I wish you well and,
    Thank you for creating a happier , rambling world for people…..

    Kind Regards

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