Charlton’s Rex Theatre: Art Deco Treasure in Victoria’s northwest

NEVER underestimate the power of community when roused by a cause close to the heart, and led by committed and persistent advocates.  The evidence of this power can be seen in the High Street of Charlton in northwest Victoria where stands the beautifully restored art deco Rex Theatre.

Opened on October 15 1938. the Rex has had many ups and downs over the years, and been rescued from dereliction and demolition more than once by dedicated movie fans.   In  its latest chapter, community fund raising on an heroic scale and a state government grant have brought the theatre back to its former glory…. and more so.  Read its extraordinary story at‎

Fully run and operated by volunteers from Charlton and surrounding districts, the Rex presents movies (including the latest releases) and live performances on a regular basis.

A special event on the Rex calendar this year is a weekend of JAZZ – over Saturday and Sunday 20 and 21 July. Click on the poster below for full details of costs, program and bookings.

Well known band on the club/festival circuit – THE HOT B’HINES – (led by David Hines) will be performing on Sunday afternoon from 1.30pm. Here the band plays “Dinah” at last year’s Barham Festival. (Ken Collins on Trumpet, Barry Currie on Reeds, Herb Jennings on Trombone, David Hines on Banjo, John Huf on Sousaphone and Wally Joosen on Drums).

So if you fancy a weekend away from the rat race and a taste of country hospitality, not to mention some entertaining jazz, Charlton might be the place for you. I’m sure the people at the Rex will be delighted to advise on accommodation and other points of local interest. Phone: 03 5491 2333 or email Jenny Pollard.

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  1. Jane, we greatly appreciate your willingness to profile our fledgling “Jazz In July” event, and look forward to an influx of jazz lovers and visitors to The Rex Theatre in Charlton Vic. A warm welcome to everyone thinking of coming along and being a part of this new event. We have terrific bands – jazz trio “Truly Madly Deeply” (lead vocalist Paris Payne), “Late Night Radio” cabaret jazz, starring Louis Payne, and the fabulous “Hot “B” Hines” – with David Hines & the boys – playing up (a storm)!Country hospitality is legendary, and thanks to Jane, we extend an invitation to you all to come along!

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