Australian Jazz Convention 2014: Swan Hill

THE 2014 Australian Jazz Convention has set up its website at This will keep you up to the minute as plans unfold.

In the meantime, here are some historic pictures of earlier Conventions from the website. You know who you are, where and when it happened!


Obviously Sydney: 1958? 1962? OMG, how young they all are!
convention 20142

This one gives a whole new slant on the venerable Nick Polites!


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  1. #1: Don Bancroft, now of Perth, with trumpet in hand and back to camera, between Maurie Garbutt and Frank Turville (looking at, advising??) Geoff Bull.
    #2: Ferry “Proclaim”, lower deck: Alan English clt, in top hat.
    Marty Mooney, clt, dark shirt, between 2 trombonists.
    John Brown, bjo, seated.
    #3: Sally Iggulden wbd; Nick Polites clt; I think Sydney 1965.

  2. Margaret Anderson

    Jane – details of the three photos you have posted re Australian Jazz Convention are :
    PHOTO ONE: 18th Australian Jazz Convention, 1963 Kew Vic. Geoff Bull tpt; Frank Turville – side on tpt/cnt, Maurie Garbutt tpt – back of person left is Campbell Burnap tbn.
    PHOTO TWO: 19th Australian Jazz Convention 1964, Newcastle NSW -Sally Iggulden (Browne) wbd, Nick Polites cl.
    PHOTO THREE: 20th Australian Jazz Convention 1965 Sydney 1965 – John Brown bjo is the person seated in front. I have other details but not at home.
    Regards Marg Anderson, Australian Jazz Convention Archive.

  3. And I’m told that is Sally Iggulden with Nick, playing washboard ..

  4. Hi Jane,
    A bit late but Happy New Year to you and Graeme.That photo on the Sydney Ferry was at the 1965 Convention. I’ve never seen it before but have just spotted myself and Ray Lewis on the top deck, far right.That’s me in the white shirt (just turned 16 and my 1st Convention), and Ray beside me, on my right.I bought an old tuba there for 10 pounds.Hope to see you both soon.
    Frank Stewart

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