Australian Jazz Convention no. 68 – Onya Goulburn!

Goulburn City Centre

JUST heard that the 68th Australian Jazz Convention will be held in Goulburn, NSW. ONYA (Australian for “Good On You”) Goulburn and the Convention Task Force who have been able to ensure that there will be a 2013 Convention, and that this venerable institution has survived for another year.

This is the second Goulburn Convention: the previous one in 2007 was a great event very ably managed by staff from the local Council with a large gang of volunteer helpers. This time it will be the new Task Force which will be doing the hard yards with lots of help on the ground at Goulburn and from the Convention movement itself.

The Convention Task Force is made up of:
Ken Hill, Chairperson/Programming
Chris Gildersleeve , Registrar
Rod Andrew, Marketing
Reg Packer, Finance (co-opted after meeting)
Harvey Duff, Original Tunes Competition
Don Anderson, Archives
Margaret Anderson, Archives

The dates will of course be Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve 2013.

And a chance to see the famous Big Merino!

4 responses to “Australian Jazz Convention no. 68 – Onya Goulburn!

  1. Peter Bennett

    I will be attendingthe Convention as a delegate, but I will be available for volunteer duties whilst there. Will you send me the necessary papers

  2. Congratulations to the team who stood up to be counted and may the luck of the Irish be with you. Go Goulburn Go.

  3. Hutchinson

    Well done guys (and girl). Thank you

  4. Be ready with walking frames and wheelchairs, oxygen and panadol-0steo, and Lipitor in the Scotch.
    But good luck, you of the last Second Line!

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