Australian Jazz Museum: new name, same focus

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The Victorian Jazz Archive, in the few short years since its establishment in Koomba Park, Wantirna in 1996, has become the major repository of Australian jazz research material in all its many formats, and gained a national and international reputation for its professional and proactive work in preserving, providing access to, and promoting the history of jazz in this country.

For some time the Board of Management of the Archive has been working towards a name change for the organisation which better reflects its role and objectives. So if you come across an institution called the Australian Jazz Museum, it’s not a new body, but the VJA in its new and more appropriate identity.

Terry Norman, President, explains the reasoning behind the name change on the Museum’s website.

The primary reasoning behind this change is that our current name could be misconstrued to suggest that we are only interested in Victorian Jazz. In fact our archive has always proactively collected all Australian Jazz, and is now the major institution devoted to Australian Jazz. Our collection also encompasses International Jazz. We intend to slowly make the transition to a new visual identity as resources permit.

Congratulations to all at the AJM as they move forward from the VJA!

3 responses to “Australian Jazz Museum: new name, same focus

  1. The reasoning behind the name Victorian Jazz Archive was that initially only Victorian jazz was to be collected on sent on the Screen Sound Aust.(National Film and Sound Archive) to the Australian Jazz Archive in Canberra. After choosing a name it became apparent that we would be collecting a wider range of material from interstate. This became apparent when the NSW and Queensland Archives folded, leaving only two Archives, South Australia and the VJA. It is very easy now to look back and say we should have changed the name earlier,

  2. Timely move … a pity this more inclusive visionary attitude was not taken years earlier … the orginal narrow view of it must be Jazz from Victoria only meant that the then Jazz Archive lost the opportunity to receive the Dick & Shirley House Collection with the possibility of reproducing their world famous “Preservation House Room” dedicated to the birth place of traditional jazz, New Orleans, which included memorabilia from their 17 consecutive years of visiting plus the material Shirl had kept of the Southern Jazz Society and all her photos & memorabilia of Louis Armstrong’s first tour of Australia kept in a marvelous book that Shirl put together …

  3. Great News, Smart move. Should have happened sooner. I will promote the change on air during my bi-weekly Jazz Parade program at BayFM Brisbane.
    Congratulations to you all.
    Terry Piper

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