Back to Clayton after the break: the Victorian Jazz Club reopens with Geoff Power

Geoff Power

Geoff Power (photo: Ron Jobe)

SYDNEY-based multi-instrumentalist, Geoff Power, made one of his regular visits to Victoria on Saturday 21 January to launch the Victorian Jazz Club’s 2012 season at Clayton RSL. A goodly and jazz-hungry crowd was there to welcome him back.

Geoff has played with all the Australian “greats” in many bands, including those he has led himself, and has toured widely within Australia and overseas.

This trip, Geoff was supported by a group of well-known Melbourne musos:
Mike Edwards on alto and soprano saxes, John Adams on piano, Mark Elton on bass, and Ron Sandiland on drums.

Here are a couple of clips:
The first features Mike Edwards on that difficult instrument, the soprano sax, playing Sidney Bechet’s classic “Si tu vois ma mere” which has had a new surge in popularity as the theme for Woody Allen’s recent piece of whimsy “Midnight in Paris”. A good example of less is often better! John Adams wasn’t being coy hiding behind the music stand – it was just my filming vantage point!

And here’s Geoff, centre front, playing “Alice Blue Gown”.

The previous night, he had played for the Peninsula Jazz Club at its Patterson Lakes venue, but with a different backing band.

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