Ballarat! Ballarat! Ballarat!: 70th Australian Jazz Convention

Street Parade Swan Hill 69th Australian Jazz Convention

Street Parade Swan Hilll
69th Australian Jazz Convention
(photo: Roger Beilby)

AS many will already have heard, the golden city of Ballarat will host the next Australian Jazz Convention – the 70th in an unbroken line from the first Convention of 1946.

The AJC Executive Task Force which ran the Swan Hill Convention so successfully will again be managing this Convention. Perhaps it get easier with practice, but hats off to them for their stamina!

To remind you, membership of the Task Force is:
Rod Andrew, Promotions
Ken Hill, Programming
Reg Packer, Treasurer
Chris Gildersleeve, Secretariat and Website
Lucia Packer, Volunteers and Merchandising
Don Anderson, Archive

The new website should be up and running by the end of January which will give you details of registration, venues, volunteering etc.  Until the website goes live, you can ask any questions or make any comments via the AJC Facebook page.

This is bound to be a splendid affair given Ballarat’s proximity to Melbourne, the strength and vitality of jazz in Ballarat, (fostered by the Ballarat Jazz Club) and the grand setting and stunning venues which this historic city can provide. I notice on Facebook that already the many Ballarat hotels, motels and other places of accommodation are advertising their wares. There is always a lot going on in Ballarat, so that if you’re considering being at the Convention, it’s not too early to be thinking about securing a good spot to stay.

Ian Coots suggests (quite apocryphally I suspect) that the Task Force is considering adopting the logo below!


17 responses to “Ballarat! Ballarat! Ballarat!: 70th Australian Jazz Convention

  1. We know the 2016 convention will again be in Ballarat. A few of us want to volunteer but cannot seem to locate how to do so. Also are people aware Creswick 14km away has accomodation with golf course now owned by the RACV…..I am happy to drive a courtesy bus is enough punters were to stay there however not on internet so if anyone out there thinks musicians could save money this way please contact RACV. It also took us 4 days b4 we knew last years convention was on if someone would supply me with posters I will put them up a month ahead in surrounding areas Daylesford Bendigo etc….many people would have stayed in area rather than pay $ to go away if they had known ahead of time this wonderful event was on.

  2. Margaret Karssemeyer

    Missed one, Len Barnard is gone too – sounds like a swingin’ line-up upstairs.

  3. Margaret Karssemeyer

    This will be the 40th Birthday of the (Tom Baker’s) San Francisco Jazz Band who made their debut at the Sydney Jazz Convention 1975. Many happy returns to all of you who are still with us – unfortunately Tommy and Hans are not but, I hope, all the rest of you are still alive and gigging.

  4. cynthia lindsay

    looking forward to another convention

  5. Hi I’m a busker would like to come and lively up the street and reinforce grass roots music art and fun please let me know your views

  6. I have attended two Jazz Conventions, one in Adelaide and the other in Melbourne. But living here in Spain the journey is too much to attend on a regular yearly basis. I would like to attend this years Convention. I am a Vocaliste and sang for many years as a professional with my husband ‘s ,Geoff Sowden, band. Not sure my voice is good enough now to participate, but I am willing to try. I would like to enrol for this years Convention. How do I go about doing this?

    • Hi Line
      All the details about the next Australian Jazz Convention in Ballarat are on their website at

    • anyone is welcome and many are now elderly so voices aren’t as high or controlled as once were I am sure you are more than welcome. Its being held in Ballarat again this year it sounded better somehow with the jazz music from one end of lydiard st to the other up on lacework balconies.

  7. John Vestergaard

    When is the next convention on? And is it Ballarat?

  8. Leomni Boyanton

    I am so excited about this Festival. I went to Ballarat’s last 3 Easter Festivals and so looking forward to this one!!!!

  9. please notify Convention newsletters by email thanks Kevin (Newcastle)

  10. cliff restarick

    please advise as soon as venue details sre finalised

  11. Will the Convention be held at the University? or in the city area.? Just trying to organise accommodation central to the action.
    Regards Peter Wood Proserpine Qld

  12. John Vestergaard

    When and where and for how long does the Ballarat convention go on.


    • The Convention always runs from Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve, that is December 26 to December 31. I don’t know where the venues will be but the Ballarat Jazz Club people may have further information. Try Geoff Herkes on (03) 5342 4686

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