Ballarat may be cold, but the jazz is HOT!!

I KNOW it’s local folk lore that Ballarat is always colder, wetter, windier, etc. than anywhere else in Victoria, but that’s not strictly true – and despite the occasional snow storm or minus zero temperature, Ballarat as we all know has lots to offer in the way of tourist attractions and cosy accommodation.

Main Street, Sovereign Hill

Well this coming Sunday 9 September the forecast is for 20 degrees and mainly sunny; but more importantly the Ballarat Jazz Club has a great afternoon of jazz with Ray Lewis’s Dixie Heroes featuring New Zealand’s great Lindsay Meech on cornet, and Tasmania’s Paul Martin on reeds for what is announced as being “their last performance together in Australia”. The rest of the band comprises Ray the man on trombone, Richard Mander on bass and David Allardice on piano.

So why not have a change of jazz scene and join the Ballarat jazzers for some hot jazz and Ballarat hospitality.

Here’s a clip of Ray and his lads playing in September 2011 for the Victorian Jazz Club, with the addition of Ron Hayden on drums. The tune is “Jazz Me Blues”.

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