Those Barnards: Australia’s Jazz Dynasty

Rebecca Barnard

I WAS listening this morning (Friday 27 September 2013) to the radio broadcast of the AFL Grand Final parade, and who should be in the studio singing the Aussie Rules football “hymn”, Up There Cazaly, but the lovely Rebecca Barnard. Rebecca is of course a member of the Barnard dynasty, four generations of musicians including the legendary Bob Barnard and Len Barnard, plus the later generations of Tony and Adam Barnard, and Casey and Beau Golden. Bob and Len’s mother and father had a dance band in the 1940s.

Stan Valacos, Rebecca Barnard, Adam Barnard, Casey Golden, Beau Golden, Bob Barnard, Tony Barnard
(from Bob Barnard’s Jazz Scrapbook)

On Saturday 5 October the Victorian Jazz Club will hold a joint celebration of Bob Barnard‘s 80th birthday (a month early) and the Club’s 45th (a few month’s late, but very well worth waiting for). The occasion will also be the launching party for Bob’s latest in a long line of CDs. This one features Peter Locke (piano), James Clark (bass), Jo Stevenson (reeds) and Peter Whitford (drums) wih Rebecca Barnard on vocals – all of whom will perform on the night. This show has been a total sell-out for weeks – even the dance floor has been taken over for seating to fit in the maximum number of fans.

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