The Best Things in Life!!!!!!

yvetteLISTENING the other day with only half an ear and half an eye to the Freevision ad on TV, it struck me that this was one commercial I wouldn’t mind hearing more than once, and that the lead was one mighty fine singer who looked familiar.

And of course it is the wonderful Yvette Johansson belting out “The Best Things in Life are Free” with Steve Purcell’s Pearly Shells – a combination which has been raising the roof with this tune long before Freevision cottoned on to them.

The first version of this commercial was recorded by the Melbourne Ska Orchestra in 2012. The Pearly Shells version was launched in September 2013.

Below you can enjoy the full Pearly version which includes a brief glimpse of Steve working over his bass.

3 responses to “The Best Things in Life!!!!!!

  1. Very good but it has been ruined for me by too many repetitions on TV.

  2. Any idea how to get a copy of Yvette’s CD? Thanks

  3. I could kick myself that I did not recognise Yvette’s golden voice on the television – thanks for the heads-up! 🙂

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