Cheap Frills!!

YES, that’s Jaz Stutley of Frilly Knickers, but perhaps the boys in the band are not so readily recognised.

They are:
Brett Willis who plays reeds (flute included) – he is also the conductor for the Dandenong Ranges Hot Jazz Orchestra and played recently with Frilly Knickers and Friends (with Smithy and Alan Stott and Les Fithall) for the Darebin Music Feast. He also plays with several other jazz bands.

Rod Evans plays bass with the Dandenong Ranges Hot Jazz Orchestra and several other bands – both have played at Hall’s Gap and Merimbula Jazz Festivals.

Brian Paulusz plays in a trio with the other two, and is a great jazz guitarist.

Bill Thomson has been a drummer in different genres since he was 14. He also plays percussion with the Orkestra Glasso Bashalde, started by Pietro Fine, and has been playing in the Rascals of Rhythm, Dawn Houghton’s band, at Hall’s Gap & Merimbula for several years and at the Forbes Convention.

The band will be at this year’s Convention in Goulburn, adding David Lole on keyboard and with a different bass player to replace Rod who isn’t going to Goulburn.

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