Chris Tanner Trio @ Charlie Scott’s in Copenhagen

IF you want to know what Chris Tanner is up to these days, one of his gigs is on Tuesday evenings playing with his Trio from 5.00pm to 8.30pm at Charlie Scott’s, Copenhagen’s No.1 Jazz Club. Here’s a clip of the Trio at work, with a special guest Tom McEwan on an unusual instrument.
Mads Søndergaard is on piano and Jens Kristian Andersen on bass.

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Find out more about Chris Tanner from his website

One response to “Chris Tanner Trio @ Charlie Scott’s in Copenhagen

  1. Chris
    I stopped off in Copenhagen for only i day on 29th August whilst on a cruise.I thought i might fluke catching you at a gig.No luck you were off touring. I will shout you a Carlton next time i catch you in Melbourne


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