Chris Tanner’s “Virus” now “The Great Bradburys”

Chris Tanner, clarinetist and vocalist, formed his New Orleans inspired band, Virus, in 2000. Combining the exuberance of youth and the panache which comes with experience, the Virus group has played its exciting brand of music in clubs, festivals and other venues around Australia for years.

Original line up was Chris Tanner (clarinet), John Scurry (guitar), Lynn Wallis (drums), Don Stewart (trombone), Andy Ross (double bass) and many special guests.

Here Virus plays IN A LITTLE GYPSY TEA ROOM, recorded live by Trevor Lourensz at The Laundry, Johnston Street, Fitzroy on 8 November 2008.

Chris Tanner – Clarinet/Vocal
Don Stewart – Trombone
Eugene Ball – Trumpet
John Scurry – Guitar
Andy Ross – Bass
Lynn Wallis – Drums

Chris Tanner moved to Copenhagen a couple of years back, and is well-occupied with gigs around Denmark and beyond.

In his absence Virus has continued to perform regularly around Melbourne to the delight of its fans. However the time has come for a name change to The Great Bradburys. (I don’t know the reason for the choice of name but no doubt all will be revealed at some stage).

The current line up for The Great Bradburys: Julien Wilson (reeds), Eamon McNelis (trumpet), Andy Ross (double bass), John Scurry (guitar) & Lynn Wallis (drums).

The band has a current residency from 4.30pm – 7.30pm on Saturday afternoons at Grumpy’s Green, 126 Smith Street, Fitzroy. A great venue!

Chris made a flying visit to Melbourne in March 2011, and performed with Virus for the Victorian Jazz Club.

Chris Tanner with Virus, Melbourne March 2011.

Chris Tanner with Virus at the VJC, 10 March 2011. Photo: Ron Jobe

3 responses to “Chris Tanner’s “Virus” now “The Great Bradburys”

  1. Hey guys. great to see you all playing together.
    I miss my shifts at the Laundry when you were playing around 2000. Hope you all good.
    Toby ( the pom )

  2. Breaking news, after much consternation and minor identity crisis the band formerly known as Chris Tanners Virus then The Great Bradburys(albeit briefly) is now back to the Virus Quintet.Given that we’ve been playing weekly various residencies around Fitzroy for more than a decade it was a fruitless task changing our name as people know and refer to us as Virus.
    Our identity now intact the band still has the same fire and regular line up: Julien Wilson on reeds, Eamon McNelis trumpet, Andy Ross bass,Lynn Wallis drums, John Scurry guitar.
    We are still playing at Grumpys Green Smith St. every Saturday afternoon 4.30-7.30
    John Scurry.

  3. Hi, Jane – don’t know if anyone has told you this yet but The Great Bradburys are named after the Australian skater who was coming last, then won because everyone else fell down! (I was hoping that it was a more literary explanation and they were named after Ray Bradbury, the great Science Fiction/Fantasy writer. But no such luck!)
    However, dropped in there last Saturday afternoon and caught some of the last bracket with Peter Gaudion and Richard Miller in fine form.
    – jaz stutley

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