Clark Terry documentary: Oscar nomination

clark terry

THURSDAY December 18, 2014’s issue of The Melbourne Age had a story by jazz reviewer, Philippa Hawkes, about a documentary film on the great jazz trumpeter, Clark Terry. The film – KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON has been nominated for this year’s Oscar Documentary shortlist. It is directed by Australian drummer, Alan Hicks, who first met Terry 12 years ago in New York and became his student and a member of one of the Terry bands.

Australian jazz musicians and jazz fans of long standing will remember Clark Terry with admiration and affection from his participation in the 1974 Australian Jazz Convention held at Dorset Gardens in Melbourne. I did a long post on Terry when his autobiography came out in 2012. Click on the image below to refresh you memory.

KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON will be screening at the Nova Theatre in Lygon Street, Carlton from 18 December. Being a documentary it may not hang about for long, so it would be good thinking to take time out from the festive rush to enjoy 86 minutes of jazz legend before it moves on.
Phone 9347 5331 or check online for session times.

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  1. Peter Haby and I saw this film at the Nova cinema in Carlton yesterday. A great film and very inspiring. Jason Kauflin, the young blind pianist Clark mentors is terrific. You can watch him play on you tube. I especially like his version of “If I was a Bell” recorded in Seatle

    It is going off soon so try and see it

  2. Ah, 1974 memories: Clark swapping trumpet choruses with Cliff Tierney, Clark doing his “Mumbles” act, and on flugelhorn. Clark’s Master Class: “If you play a clinker (wrong note), find another rat hole (escape route)”. Chatting with Clark in his motel room while he was on the phone to Miles Davis in NY about Cyclone Tracy that day. With Clark and others in an old touring car “flivver” going to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and later at a house party, with me “playing” cornet proudly (now feeling idiotic) before Clark. Later buying Clark Terry records and instruction books.

  3. Dear Jane,
    John Adams , and I were playing in the resturant at The Dorset Gardens Hotel Croydon ( our regular Saturday night Gig) the weekend of the “Jazz Convention” that Clark terry was the Guest Artist.
    He dined and when he left to go to play at one of the stages , he took out his trumpet and stood at the door and played a chorus of the tune we were playing !!
    It was a big thrill at the time.
    Cheers and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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