Crescent City Serenaders with Margret RoadKnight: a WOW night at the Surrey Music Cafe


IF you can remember the 1960s’ late night jazz sessions at Frank Traynor’s Jazz and Folk Club on the corner of Exhibition and Little Lonsdale Streets – or if you’ve only heard tell of them – you will want to join Margret RoadKnight and Barry Wratten to relive those heady, youthful days of Melbourne jazz.

You can do this at a slightly different cafe (they have tables and chairs, and they finish at 11.00pm rather than start) – THE SURREY MUSIC CAFE at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre, 470 Station Street, Box Hill on Friday 30 November.

Barry Wratten

Barry will be leading his Crescent City Serenaders comprising jazz greats David Allardice on piano, Chris Ludowyk on trombone, Michael McQuaid on trumpet and reeds, John Scurry on guitar and banjo, Andy Ross on bass and Lynn Wallis on drums.

Margret RoadKnight


And if this wasn’t enough, legendary jazz, blues, gospel, folk singer Margret RoadKnight has just returned from New Orleans to perform with the band.

I’m feeling breathless and speechless already!

The program will be a virtual history of New Orleans jazz as it evolved from Gospel Hymns and Brass Band “second lines” and a mix of Ragtime and Blues.

This is one of those rare programs where everything is in the right place at the right time, and lovers of New Orleans jazz should make sure that they are there too.

Tickets $18 by phone 9262 6555 or on line at
Doors open at 7.30pm. Music starts at 8.00pm

And thanks to Barry Wratten, here’s a memento from those earlier days: Smacka Fitzgibbon, Jim Beale, Peter Mackay, Barry, and Frank Traynor accompanying Margret RoadKnight at the 1968 Port Phillip Folk Society Concert, Great Hall, University of Melbourne.

Margret RoadKnight: who needs a microphone!

2 responses to “Crescent City Serenaders with Margret RoadKnight: a WOW night at the Surrey Music Cafe

  1. Hi there,

    I am currently involved in a film project which features Margaret Roadknight, and was wondering if it would be possible to use the image with the caption ‘Margaret Roadknight: who needs a microphone’. Do you know who owns copyrite to this image and how I would be able to seek permission to include it within the film?

    Thanks very much,

    Joel Checkley

  2. Apart from at Traynors, I remember her singing at a tiny coffee lounge called “The Flowerpot and Candle” opposite Melbourne Uni , where the candles were stuck in chianti bottles as was the fashion then. Also have a great photo of her taken – I think- at an Adelaide Jazz Convention picnic in the 70’s. Must try and find it – Cal Duffy is also in pic, and there is a great disparity in heights!
    Sounds like a great gig … jaz

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