Crescent City Serenaders come to Mornington by the Sea

BARRY Wratten’s poster says it all!    Barry’s wizrdry on clarinet, informed by years spent playing in the Crescent City itself and elsewhere, have made him an undisputed master of the New Orleans style of jazz. His knowledge of the genre is also phenomenal.

On Sunday he will be supported by a cast of these fine musicians – Michael McQuaid on trumpet, Richard Mander on bass and sousaphone, Peter Baylor on banjo & guitar, and Lynn Wallis, that master of New Orleans drumming.

The clarinet on the poster above is the same model, (an American made Harry Pedler, silver plated Albert System clarinet), on which George Lewis first recorded his “Burgundy Street Blues” for William Russell in July 1944.

Also on the poster is a Voodoo good luck doll. (I sleep with a Guatemalan Worry Doll under my pillow, and often wear a Navajo ghost necklace of juniper seeds, so I’m prepared to believe that the Voodoo doll is just as efficacious!)

This should be an afternoon of beautiful jazz played by musicians who have the technique, the understanding and the passion to bring it all together for themselves and for the lucky listeners.

Corner of Burgundy and St Philip Streets, New Orleans (photo: Barry Wratten)

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