Frilly Knickers to play at Darebin Music Feast

I KNOW it’s Grand Final Day – Australian Rules Football to those who live across the water and don’t understand these local tribal rites – but some of you might prefer for one reason or another to enjoy jazz rather than The Game.

Girl band, Frilly Knickers will be playing on Saturday 29 September during the Darebin Music Feast which runs from Thursday 20 September to Sunday 7 October with a wide variety of music styles in many venues around the City of Darebin.

The Frillies will be playing at an unusual venue – the Wesley Anne, a former Wesleyan! church at 250 High Street, Northcote. It still retains some of its ecclesiastical feeling as you can see.

Wesleyan Methodist Church, High Street, Northcote

The original church was completed in 1870 and was one of the most prominent buildings in the district at that time.

To give you a taste of the band’s flavour if you haven’t caught up with them yet, here the Frilly Knickers belt out “The Georgia Grind” at the recent Barham Jazz Festival:

Counting from the right, the lineup is Jaz Stutley on vocals and kazoo; Yvette Audain on reeds, then Renee Limenidis on trombone, and Jenny Wagstaff on cornet. You can’t see Lyn Thomas on piano or Jacqui O’Neill on percussion – Chris Farmer is on banjo and Nikola Shaw on tuba.

And here Jaz Stutley, vocalist with the Frillys, gives an authentic version of “Georgia on my mind”.
Click on her picture and listen.

PS. True to this blog’s name, a side ramble which I think is of interest:
An ancestor of Jaz (Stott) Stutley’s – the Rev Duncan Fraser- was the Presbyterian minister for the parish which included Northcote in the 1860s and he preached in various churches/halls in High Street, although not the Wesley Anne. I think there may be a family resemblance between Jaz’s brother, Alan Stott and the reverend gentleman – something around the eyes perhaps What do you think?

Alan Stott with sousaphone. Duncan Fraser with beard

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  1. Definitely a resemblance!
    Thanks, Jane … jaz.

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