“Goin’ Home” with the Louisiana Shakers

LAST Sunday (30 June 2013) we went to the Clyde Hotel in Carlton with some friends who had never been there before, nor heard the Louisiana Shakers. Now they have, on both counts, and very pleased they were too. It was pretty sparsely populated as many of the faithful were away at the Barham Jazz Festival.

The band played many great tunes, but one we particularly liked was “Goin’ Home” which Ken Colyer composed in the 1950s. Here’s The Shakers’ version, with Doug Holbury doing the vocals in a style reminiscent of the late lamented Charlie Powell.

And here is a recording of “Goin’ Home” by Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen from 1953. With Ken on trumpet are Monty Sunshine clarinet, Chris Barber on trombone, Lonnie Donegan banjo, Jim Bray string bass and at the drums Ron Bowden.
The video clip features photos of famous jazz faces and sites in Colyer’s beloved New Orleans.

Originally I hd thought that the theme of this lovely tune was taken from “Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Largo movement” by the Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, but Dave Hetherington put me straight on this! Thanks Dave.

The Dvorak symphony WAS used as the basis of the gospel song also called “Goin’ Home” or “Going Home”. Here the incomparable Paul Robeson sings it.

And to close, here Chris Barber plays and sings Colyer’s “Goin’ Home” in Gouda, Netherlands in April 2013.
Chris Barber – trombone, vocals
Mike “Magic” Henri – trumpet
Bert Brandsma – clarinet
Gregor Beck – drums
Joe Farler – banjo
Jackie Flavelle – bass

4 responses to ““Goin’ Home” with the Louisiana Shakers

  1. Hi Jane and David, my first time here, recommended by David Milne this morning. Re. Goin’ Home, I remembered a version of this by Yusef Lateef. His reading is the Dvorak one, interesting, or maybe not.
    Thanks for this forum anyway. paul.

  2. Dear Jane,
    Thanks for the Louisiana Shakers version & for the two more recent versions!
    Sue & I really enjoyed all versions, but we reckon that Nick Polites would have improved Chris Barber’s Band had he joined them!
    I had thought that Dvorak was the one who ‘borrowed’the tune from the negro song-book, not vice-versa.
    Love & best wishes,

  3. Dear Dave
    Thanks for putting me straight on this one. It shows how you can’t take everything on the Internet as gospel! I’ve corrected myself. Blushes.

  4. They are different songs, the only similarity could be the title except for the fact that Dvorak’s is Going Home and Colyer’s is Goin’ Home it was one of the first songs we took from the Colyer repertoire in Nat Oliver’s New Orleans Jazzmen, sung by Olly.

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