International Jazz Day: April 30th

HAVE you heard that UNESCO has declared Monday 30 April International Jazz Day? Inspired by, or led by American jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, the day has a lot of high minded objectives (check their website) and many fabulous events are planned around the world, including a dawn concert in Congo Square, New Orleans which is to be streamed, one in New York at the UN, and one in Paris.

For some happenings in Australia you could check out the ABC’s link:

Of course it would be great to hear some live jazz on Monday, but if you can’t manage that here are five things you could do to mark the day. I’m sure you can think of others:

1. Put your favourite CDs on the stereo, open the window and give the neighbourhood a treat.
2. Head for your local supermarket and let your radio rip on a jazz station.
3. Change your mobile ringtone to something that swings. (I’ve got “Burgundy Street Blues” on mine; Graeme has “Won’t you come home Bill Bailey”)
4. Send a donation to the Victorian Jazz Archive (or the Archive in your state or territory). Money is good, but why not also send that bit of jazz ephemera that you’ve been hoarding, and which your kids will throw out the first chance they get.
5. Telephone or text a musician and tell them how much you love their work, and how much their music has meant to your enjoyment of life.


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