Jazz Workshops for over 25s

THE Jazz Workshops for musicians over 25 which are run annually at the Victorian Jazz Archive by Marina Pollard got off the mark this year on Saturday 6 July and will run until Saturday 21 September.

Although we have missed the first two sessions, there are 10 more in the course, so if you are interested but didn’t get around to registering earlier, I am sure that a phone call (9781 4972) or an email to Marina will find  you a place.

Sessions run from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday afternoons, plus there are group practice sessions and an end-of-year breakup presentation.

The charge is $220 which includes one year’s membership of the Jazz Archive with access to all its facilities. Two principal tutors are engaged at professional rates, and several other musicians donate their time and enthusiasm for specific sessions.

Prerequisites are to have some proficiency on your chosen instrument, able to play scales and arpeggios, and a desire to learn more about how jazz is played!

I am always amazed at the variety of people who have an interest in jazz, and these workshops bring together this sort of mix – people from many different backgrounds but with a shared wish to understand more about the music through listening and through playing.

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