La Mauvaise Reputation and Plastic Eiffel Towers

Graeme and Vanessa

MY lovely Italian niece, Vanessa (shown here with Graeme at the Amora Riverwalk Hotel) has been in Australia for only a few short months, but in that time has found her way around Melbourne’s night (and day) spots better than most locals.

Her birthday gift to Graeme was a CD produced by a “French” trio which she heard playing at The Espresso cafe in Brunswick’s trendy new Sparta Place, 459-475 Sydney Road, East Brunswick.

The group, La Mauvaise Reputation, has a residency at The Espresso every Saturday afternoon from midday to 3.00pm. Here’s their CD.

Tours Eiffel En Plastique

Looking at the liner notes, we were intrigued to find that the “French” group are in fact local lads Jon Delaney on guitar (also a member of Peter Baylor’s gypsy swing band, Ultrafox), Paul Gillett on guitar, and Enzo Ruberto on bass.

La Mauvais Reputation

The group’s website, says that La Mauvaise Réputation was formed in 2009 with the aim of recreating the beautiful French music of the 20s, 30s and 40s. Their repertoire features songs from the greats of that period including Charles Trenet and Edith Piaf, as well as more modern additions from artists such as Serge Gainsbourg and Les Ogres du Barback. They perform in French, (hence Vanessa’s confusion), to stay true to the originals.

My French is non-existent, but the group’s name seems to translate as The Bad Reputation (perhaps a reference to the Georges Brassens 1953 song of the same name?)

Their music is fresh, lively and acoustic! Treat yourself to a pleasant afternoon over coffee and pastries, and buy a CD to enjoy later.

Translations of the dedications/acknowledgments on the CD seem to be:

To the barber of the moustache of Jean Sablon [the great French singer/composer], the tobacconist of Serge Gainsbourg and the window. Photography by David Saunders/the giant grey dog, Lord Edward Saunders I, and For all the pretty girls.

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