Legendary Blues Express @ Dogs Bar

ASH Gaudion reminds us of an opportunity to hear Peter Gaudion’s “legendary” Blues Express at Dogs Bar, 54 Acland Street. St Kilda on Sunday 3 February from 9pm. Ph: 8534 3020.

Blues Express shares the Sunday night spot with Steve Purcell’s Pearly Shells and Phoebe and the Night Creatures, so you can be assured of good music no matter which night you go, but you may want to check beforehand if you have a preference.

Peter Gaudion’s Blues Express certainly is legendary for a number of reasons, not the least being its current and past lineups.

For this gig, the lineup will be:
Peter Gaudion (trumpet/vocals)
Ash Gaudion (sax/vocals)
Bob Sedergreen (Piano)
James Clark (Bass)
Andy Swann (Drums/vocals)

But if age helps make legends, this band has a lot going for it. (Possibly it’s older than Ash himself?)

Peter Gaudion formed Blues Express in about 1979 when he left Frank Traynor’s Jazz Preachers. The stable lineup at that time was Peter on trumpet, Richard Miller (sax), Mal Wilkinson (trombone), Derek Capewell (bass), Allan Browne (drums), and Vic Connor on piano followed by Bob Sedergreen.

For a piece of trivia, I’ve just been reading some back issues of Australian jazz magazines one of which was the first issue of JAZZ: the Australasian contemporary music magazine dated January/February 1981. In it I found reviews of three albums all released by Blues Express in 1980: BLUES EXPRESS on Jazznote, ONAJE’S RAGE on East, and SPOON IN AUSTRALIA: Jimmy Witherspoon with Peter Gaudion’s Blues Express on Jazzis.

Here’s a picture from that magazine of Peter Gaudion and Jimmy Witherspoon during the famous blues singer’s visit to Australia in April 1980.

To quote from the Mike Williams’ review of the Witherspoon/Blues Express recording (which sadly I haven’t heard):

Every member of the band knows exactly what to do. Gaudion’s accompanying trumpet and Sedergreen’s perfectly sympathetic piano give us one of the best versions of Witherspoon’s much recorded “Nobody’s Business”. Brief and classic – really masterful blues playing.

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