The Louisiana Shakers @ a refurbished Clyde; and memories of Maurie Fabrikant

THE dear old Clyde Hotel in Carlton has had a facelift, but not so severe as to hide all the character lines or frighten off the regulars! There’s even a piano on the band dais which adds a touch of class, but I understand that it needs some loving care and retuning before it can be part of the action. Any cheap piano tuners out there with an interest in jazz?

We had lunch there yesterday, 12 May, to hear the Louisiana Shakers – and incidentally had one of the best ever dishes of roast pork belly and apple sauce from the Specials Menu.

The Shakers were at their usual relaxed best with the regular lineup of Derek Reynolds, trumpet; Nick Polites, clarinet; Ashley Keating (leader) on banjo; Nat Garbutt on bass; and Kevin Bolton on drums. Taking the trombone chair (which has not been filled on a permanent basis since the death in August last year of Shaker’s foundation trombonist, Charlie Powell) was Doug Holbury.

I last saw Doug Holbury a year ago today playing at the Victorian Jazz Club’s Motor Neurone Disease fundraiser in honour of Maurie Fabrikant, who died on 16 May 2012. Very much missed, dear Maurie. You could have done something useful with the Clyde piano!

On a more cheerful note, here is a clip of the Shakers playing the New Orleans standard, “S’il Vous Plait”. (The lighting certainly has improved!)

As usual there were a slew of experienced musicians with instruments wanting to sit in: surely a sign of a juzz-conducive atmosphere.

In case you need reminding, The Clyde is on the corner of Elgin and Cardigan Streets, Carlton. Doors open at 12 noon for meals. Music starts at 2.00pm and runs till 5.00pm.

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  1. Love Nick, during a break at Forbes he played Petite Fleur For me ,it was so moving.

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