Margie Lou Dyer Trio @ Claypots, St Kilda

Margie Lou Dyer and Allan Browne

HERE’S a gig I missed for the St Patricks Day listing, (Sunday March 17) and on Sundays thereafter.

The Margie Lou Dyer Trio plays at Claypots, 215 Barkly Street. St Kilda on Sunday nights at 9.00pm. Phone: 9534 1282.

The Trio consists of Margie Lou, piano and vocals; Allan Browne, drums; and Cam Robbins, clarinet. (I believe that Cam maybe overseas at the moment and that Julien Wilson could be depping for him.)

For an idea of the Claypots ambience, here the Trio gives “On The Sunny Side of the Street” a working over, with a famous sit in, US tenor saxophonist/teacher George Garzone duelling with Cam Robbins on clarinet. Wonderful stuff!

Can’t guarantee this level of programming every Sunday night, but the raw excitement and the virtuosity are always there.

One response to “Margie Lou Dyer Trio @ Claypots, St Kilda

  1. Hi The Margie Lou Dyer Trio,
    I am a great fan of traditional jazz and would love to hear Allan Browne and Margie Lou Dyer sing and play together.
    Could you please let me know when you will have a gig together in Melbourne. I noticed that you gig at Claypots, but sometimes deps step in, naturally, but I really want to hear Mary Lou sing with Allan Browne. I would be so grateful if you could let me know when your next gig is together. Claypots can’t tell me.
    Many thanks and best wishes.

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