Maurie Fabrikant tribute and fundraiser for MDA

Maurie with some of the musos who played for him on 13 May 2012

GRAHAM and Lenny Eames wrote the following report for the South Australian Jazz Club before getting the news that Maurie had left us:


We attended the VJC’s Motor Neurone fundraiser to honour Maurie Fabrikant on Sunday May 13th. It was a very humbling experience and fantastic to see how popular Maurie is. The event ran from 11am till we got kicked out at 5pm, and right from 11am onwards the room was full with musicians, jazz friends and family of Maurie’s. Maurie and Doreen were there from the start till finish. The event started with the Moonee Valley Jazz Band playing the first set and after that, bands were made up from musicians who were there, and with only a few breaks for raffles and announcements, there was nonstop music.
It’s hard to mention highlights, as the whole day was one great highlight, but a few occasions stand out: Maurie’s brother, Harold Fabrikant, playing a medley of Jelly Roll Morton tunes for about 20 minutes; Alan Stott singing his updated version of his 2nd place getting original tune “Maurie Fabrikant” to gales of laughter from the room; and then about 15 musicians in the Maurie’s Jolly Rollers yellow shirts, as many as possible of the musos who at one stage or another were “Jolly Rollers” decided to wear their distinctive shirts.
Musicians came from as far away as SA, Newcastle, ACT, Geelong, Ballarat, Colac, Swan Hill, Bendigo and of course Melbourne.
At last count we believe the total tally for the Motor Neurone Disease Association stands at over $10 000 raised.

Graham & Lenny Eames
Adelaide, SA

Generous and gracious to the end. Vale “Squire”.

2 responses to “Maurie Fabrikant tribute and fundraiser for MDA

  1. Laraine and Brian Blackson

    The song is ended – but Maurie’s melody (and that wicked left hand) will linger on forever in our hearts. He was indeed a very special caring and talented man. Our neverending thanks for re-introducing us at that Mildura Jazz Festival (storm and all), to the jazz of our youth… Laraine and Brian

  2. How the hell did this happen; he was indestructible and his energy is tattooed on my soul. Noel Doleman has just told me of the passing and I am sorry to have missed the send off – but he will get one of my own!
    Doreen, your house will be quiet but the echoes will last a lifetime. He is only gone in one sense; the rest of him is with us and will be so. The howlings of ghosts in my mind will swing to a new rhythm.
    xxxxx you all

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