Murray Bridge Jazz Festival Update

FURTHER info on our newest jazz festival – the Murray Bridge Festival on 25 August.

Ron Flack from Adelaide reports:

Hi Jane, Lenny Eames asked me to pass some information on after we decided on bands for Murray Bridge.

They will be
1. Daily Jazz led by John van der Koogh
2. The New Climax Band led by Gordon Coulson
3. The Dukes of Jazz led by Don Brow
4.The Jazz Ramblers led by Dave Sutton and
5. Mr Jazz led by myself.

These bands contain the leading Traditional Jazz Musicians on the Adelaide scene. On the Paddle boat will be a band led by Mel Hopgood with Gordon Coulson, Don Brow and Bill Polain.(Captain Proud’s Pirates)

Accommodation in Murray Bridge will be fully checked out next week, however there are 2 Motels plus B and B’s etc.; further advice on this will be conveyed to you after our next visit to Murray Bridge.

Ron Flack

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