New Deal for Musicians Travelling in Australia

Virgin Australia planeIN JUNE 2012 Virgin Australia and QANTAS announced a new initiative aimed at addressing the ongoing problems musicians face when travelling with musical equipment. Check here for details.

After discussions led by national body, The Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), Virgin Australia have made an offer exclusively to the music industry that includes a baggage allowance of 32kg (across three pieces of checked baggage) for individual artists – with an additional 32kg able to be purchased in advance for just $15.   Bands will also now be able to ‘pool’ their baggage allowance across their travelling group.

”Victorian musicians have been hampered by recently imposed prohibitive baggage policies,” said Music Victoria CEO and AMINdirector Patrick Donovan. ”We commend Virgin Australia for taking these concerns seriously. It’s not just about reduced excess baggage fees; it’s about not treating musicians as second class citizens. By being able to access the Group Bookings system, they are being afforded the respect they deserve.”

AMIN Director Denise Foley says the agreement will have a major impact on the ability of Australian artists to tour more often and more cost effectively. “Dealing with high and inconsistent excess baggage charges has been a
burning issue across the music industry for many years,” Ms Foley says. “And Virgin Australia should be congratulated for having the willingness to not only listen to the industry’s concerns, but actually putting in place a system that addresses the problem.

While the discussions have been led by AMIN, a range of key music organisations from around the country have played a key role in the development of the new deal.  They have included the Association of Artist Managers (AAM); Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR); The Australasian Performing Right Association : The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (APRA:AMCOS ); Live Performance Australia (LPA); Music Council of Australia (MCA); and Symphony Australia – alongside AMIN’s member organisations Queensland Music Network; Contemporary Music Services Tasmania (CMST); Music NSW; Music NT; Music Victoria andThe Western Australian Music Industry Association (WAM).

The deal offered by Virgin Australia will be made available only to members of music industry organisations that elect to partner with the airline – the complete list of organisations is included in this news item

One response to “New Deal for Musicians Travelling in Australia

  1. Whilst on the surface this looks great, the ‘fine print’ is; it only applies if you ‘partner’ the Airline. Most of my Work that involves flying, is booked by the client & rarely is booked on Virgin. We can specify, but they generally just go for the cheapest deal – I would support Virgin over Jetstar any time, but that doesn’t always work & I can’t afford to ‘partner’ everyone.
    So there is still work to be done I think.

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