Nina Ferro in Melbourne in January: for three nights @ Bennetts Lane

NINA Ferro, now London-based, is fast making her mark on the UK and international music scenes as an exceptional vocalist, songwriter, session and recording artist.

Originally hailing from Melbourne, Nina still has a loyal local fan base which has followed her rise to star status with interest and some pride at having been present when she was just starting her career with other jazz neophytes.

Here’s an early pic from the 1990s showing Nina with THE HOTTER THAN SIX band which later morphed into FIREWORKS. I think this image came to me from the archives of wandering and wonderful jazz photographer, Ron Jobe. Thanks Ron, for this and many others.

Brian Kelly, Nina Ferro, Jo Stevenson, Leon Heale, Stephen Grant, Doug Rawson, Andrew Swann

Nina seems to visit most Januarys- something to do with the weather? – and she will be performing her latest show at Bennett’s Lane, 25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne this summer. She has three dates for you…. Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, and Sunday 27th January – all 8.30pm shows.

Joining her again for these shows will be Nina’s London based Musical Director, Grant Windsor on piano. Ryan Monroe on bass, Craig Fermanis on guitar, Darryn Farrugia on drums and Carmen Hendricks on backing vocals.

Her shows were sold out last year, so book your tickets while you are thinking of it to avoid missing out!!   9663 2856 or online at

Here’s a brief clip of Nina singing with the Grant Windsor Trio a few years back.

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  1. Hi Nina, remember me from Sweden?
    I just want to congratulate you to your success.
    If you ever come to Stockholm, you are more than wellcome!

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