Simon Stribling and Hotter than Six!

A FEW days ago I did a post on Simon Stribling and his jazz radio program in Whistler, BC, Canada. Included in that post was a video clip of Simon playing with the band FIREWORKS in Sacramento, California in 1998.
One of the other bands which Simon played in was HOTTER THAN SIX. Here’s a clip of this band playing “Black Bottom Stomp” in Okayama, Japan in 1997.
You may have to put up with an advertisement before the video runs, but it’s worth it.  It’s an electrifying performance!

Black Bottom Stomp by dickiesdream
The lineup is the same (Jo Stevenson on clarinet, Mark Elton on bass, Smithy on drums, Simon on trumpet and Graham Coyle on piano) but with Brian Kelly on trombone and Johnny Withers on his red hot banjo!
We enjoyed seeing and hearing Johnny Withers playing over 4 nights at the Noosa Jazz Festival in September.

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