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HERE are a few jazz radio programs for your listening pleasure. Where there is a website listed, these programs are available streaming live. A few also archive podcasts for later listening if you miss the live broadcast. The merry men used as the portal to this list are the presenters of the Victorian Jazz Club’s long running program -“Jazz on a Saturday”. They are John Smyth, Roger Beilby, John Trudinger and Geoff Tobin. Just click on the picture to find the list.


3 responses to “Jazz on Radio

  1. Vicki Fitzgiibbon

    Hi There
    back in the70s we used to travel from Melbourne to Frankston for nights with Tommy and the late Jean and the band . We were very young the like 20! Wow so long ago!
    Tommy and Jean were friends of my parents
    Helen and Jack Gunn
    My husband and i were listening to a version of ..when the saints come marching in on our local radio.. an reminiscing tonight
    if any of you ever have any contact with Tommy please send my regards and best wishes

  2. gday tommy this is brian howell i loved your programs of jazz miss those days going to baxter to watch the band . since i moved to echuca . keep well tom , y/t/ brian howell

  3. Tommy Carter OAM Family Jazz Band has been playing at the Baxter Tavern, Baxter-Tooradin Road, Baxter for 20 years & now beginning 21 years. Tommy started music at the age of 19 in bands although having been a boy soprano & whistler on radio programmes at the age of 12. He then went onto form his own band when he married his pianist Jean Pivetta (Carter), sister of Mary Bould (neePivetta & formerly married to Brian Carter who was killed in a road fatality in 1963 coming home from a job playing with Sny Chambers). He played all over Melbourne at many corporate business balls – the Miss Australia event the year June Finalyson won the award – & all over the Mornington Peninsula. His wife died in 1982 & his sister Eileen joined the band as pianist as did his son Frank Carter playing many instruments such as Trombone, banjo, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, drums, flute, recorders, guitar,piano & vocals. He played for 15 years at the Portsea Hotel starting on Christmas Eve through nightly to the Australia Day Weekend.
    He has been on both commercial & community radio & to this day is still (at the age of 86-87) doing a hospital hour followed by a jazz programme on a community station 97.7FM 9.00-12.00am every Thursday. He received many awards such as a Rotary Award, Citizen of the year for Frankston, Life Governor of both the Royal Women’s Hospital & the Frankston Peninsula Hospital, OAM for services to charities through his music & public speakings. A wonderful entertainer & musician who could be more acknowledged by his fellow musicians/associates. He is very respected & loved by all who know him.

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