Tastings on Hastings @ the Noosa Jazz Festival

SHOCKING news!! The sun doesn’t always shine on the Sunshine Coast – but it did on Friday 2 September for the public opening of this year’s Noosa Jazz Festival. (Last night was the Welcome Party for the signed-up delegates – more of that later).

Round about 11.00 am Hastings Street was closed to motor traffic, waiters were setting up tables and chairs outside their restaurants for the Tastings on Hastings long lunch for gourmet jazzers, and there was a buzz in the air waiting for the parade to begin at 11.30,  Not a massive one – a lot of the musos were saving their puff for the music marathon to come – but I did see Peter Gaudion, Jason Downes and Ian “Smithy” Smith from Melbourne doing their bit.   Here’s a brief clip of the parade:

We were booked in at Cato’s Restaurant of the Sheraton Hotel, so we took our seats and got stuck into the fine wines and chatted with fellow guests, and passing celebrities:

Catos, Tastings on Hastings, Noosa

Cato's table, Tastings on Hastings, Noosa Jazz Festival

Ron Jobe, photographer

Ron Jobe, jazz photographer, front & back view

Ron Jobe has been photographing jazz musicians for 30 years, amassing an archive of photos destined for the Victorian Jazz Archive.  I’ve included a front and back view because Ron is wearing his precious HOTTER THAN SIX shirt, memento of earlier jazz tours.

Manuel aka Neil Bidner

Manuel, the waiter

“Manuel” is a regular at the Festival. His alter ego is Neil Bidner, “one man – many faces”. See some other faces on his website.

The Little Tramp

The Little Tramp takes it easy

Another celebrity who made an unexpected visit took liberties with Graeme’s shoulder!

A number of stages were strategically placed along The Street where various groups played for the entertainment of the diners and peds.

strolling band, Noosa festival

Strolling Band

In addition, strolling bands moved up and down amongst the throngs. Richard Stevens on sousaphone and Ian Smith, on washboard, were in one such band.

Richard Stevens was gracious enough to let Graeme try out his lungs on the sous.  He produced a sound like a bull seal!

Richard Stevens' sousaphone

Graeme tries the sousaphone



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