The Goodman Touch: Alex Hutchinson on clarinet

Alex Hutchinson - The Goodman TouchDRIVING to an appointment some weeks ago I was listening again to Alex Hutchinson’s truly beautiful  CD -THE GOODMAN TOUCH.
Alex has been playing clarinet (and saxophone) for about 50 years, and his mastery of the instrument is outstanding – elegant and fluent, even “slick” which Alex takes as a compliment!
The first track on this disk is that old Australian folk song “The Road to Gundagai”, composed (and sung many times) by Jack O’Hagan. It is not what you would call a jazz tune by any means, but Alex plays it beautifully in this idiom.
Last Sunday we were lunching with Alex at the Amora Riverwalk Hotel in Bridge Road, Richmond where Smithy’s Jazz Trio performs, and Alex stood in with the regular band for an improvised version of this tune.

With Alex are Peter Uppman on trumpet, Brian Davies on guitar and Mark Elton on bass.
Now listen to the recorded version. I love them both!

To find out more about Alex you can visit his website, or most days you can find him on the Facebook page, CLARINET JAZZ POINT.
His other CDs include “The Tassie Connection” and “Clarinet Love Affair”. Look out for a new one about to be released which was recorded with clarinet virtuoso Andy Firth a few months ago.
I believe most of Alex’s recordings are available on iTunes, but if you’re like me and prefer a CD in your hand (if only for the cover notes), contact Alex at his website and I’m sure he’ll let you have one if you smile and offer him money!

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