Tuba Skinny in New Orleans

Ian Smith and Michelle Whelan

Ian Smith with Michelle Whelan at the Amora Hotel

HAVE just been listening to one of my favourite radio programmes – Ian Smith’s MAINLY TRAD – broadcast every Tuesday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm on 96.5 INR FM radio from Warringal Shopping Centre in Heidelberg, Melbourne.

Ian’s special guest today was Bob Whetstone.  Bob brought along a selection of CD’s to play  and talk about, and any of you who know Bob will know that his talk is worth listening to.

One which caught my ear was a recording of a street band  called TUBA SKINNY playing in New Orleans  while Bob and Marcia were there in 2009.  Bob was very taken with the quality of their playing, particularly Shaye on trumpet and Erika, the singer.

That marvellous invention YouTube has now let me relive a performance of TUBA SKINNY just as Bob and Marcie would have experienced it.

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  1. Loved the music. Fantastic group. Would love to go to New Orleans & hear them live.

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