Tuba Skinny in Oz

THAT eciting New Orleans street band, TUBA SKINNY is in Australia for a brief tour this January – I discover that they were also here in June 2011, but only in Sydney and Adelaide.

Their tour includes “Australia and Tasmania” (sorry about that – quoting from their publicity) with gigs at the Woodford Folk Festival, Byron Bay, Katoomba, Gosford, Sydney, Hobart and finally, Melbourne on 17 January.

The Melbourne gig is at the Toff in Town, 252 Swanston Street (2nd floor of Curtin House). What a shame that there will only be this one opportunity for Melbourne fans to see and hear this wonderful group in the flesh, and let’s hope that some smart entrepreneur will bring them again for some wider exposure.

Here’s a sample of them on their home turf, with the electrifying Erika Lewis singing with authority and her own personal style – unamplified please note!
Is the dog practicing for His Master’s Voice?

Tuba Skinny have recently produced their third CD, “Garbage Man”. You can get a copy, either as an in-your-hand CD from the Louisiana Music Factory, or as a download for $10 US from Tuba Skinny’s website tubaskinny.tk.
By the way, the lineup on the CD is:
Todd Burdick – Tuba
Kiowa Wells – Guitar / Vocals
Erika Lewis – Vocals
Barnabus Jones – Trombone
Robin Rapuzzi – Washboard
Shaye Cohn – Cornet

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  1. Tuba Skinny … a fine young jazz band out of NOs … heard them many times on Royal & Frenchman Streets … have three strong CDs available at the Music Factory … dancers will love ’em … would be a huge hit at the Jazz Club .. to see such young musicians playing & enjoying the music is really heart warming …

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