A Virus is a Virus is a Virus: The Great Bradburys are once again Virus

John Scurry

JOHN Scurry’s breaking news is that after much consternation and a minor identity crisis the band formerly known as Chris Tanner’s Virus, then The Great Bradburys (albeit briefly), is now back to The Virus Quintet.

Given that we’ve been playing weekly at various residencies around Fitzroy for more than a decade it was a fruitless task changing our name as people know and refer to us as Virus.
Our identity now intact the band still has the same fire and regular line up: Julien Wilson on reeds, Eamon McNelis trumpet, Andy Ross bass, Lynn Wallis drums, and John Scurry guitar.

We are still playing at Grumpy’s Green,
125 Smith Street, Fitzroy every Saturday afternoon 4.30-7.30 pm.

I don’t have a current clip of Virus, but here they are in an earlier incarnation playing “Body and Soul” for the Victorian Jazz Club at the Oakleigh Carnegie RSL on 11 October 2008.
The lineup on that occasion included most of the current crew: Eamon Mcnelis on trumpet, John Scurry on guitar, Andy Ross on bass, and Lynn Wallis on drums. That’s Chris Tanner on clarinet and vocals, and Shannon Barnett on trombone. Trevor Lourensz took the video. The attenuated picture is because the aspect ratio was wrong when Trevor uploaded the film to YouTube. They are not really so slender!


BY THE WAY, I understand that Andy Swann and his Voodoo Crew also feature at Grumpy’s Green, this time on a Friday night from 9.00pm. The style is described as “kicking blues, funk and soul and everything in between. Swanny always has some of the best Melbourne musos playing with him. Bring your dancing shoes. Happy hour prices from 6-9. $10 Jugs!”

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