Yvette Johansson rocks @ Oakleigh RSL

NOT so long ago, the Oakleigh RSL at 95 Drummond Street, Oakleigh was the home of the Victorian Jazz Club (and much longer ago it was The Onion Patch, home of The Red Onions Jazz Band!).

Under its new name of The Caravan Music Club, the venue offers a change of rhythm. Our correspondents tell us that the joint really rocks.

Yvette Johansson

Yvette Johansson

On Wednesday, 25 January from 8pm-11pm the old hall offers a
raucous night of rhythm ‘n’ blues and early rock ‘n’ roll. Well known jazz singer around town, Yvette Johansson will unlock her Inner Elvis, with songs of Little Richard, Jerry-Lee Lewis, Elvis and Bo Diddley (with a few originals in the mix, to keep things interesting!). She will also be launching her latest CD.

You’ll recognise the names in the lineup:
Vocals – Yvette Johansson
Guitar – Dave Cantrell
Double bass – Mark Elton
Drums – Rod Gilbert

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